Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Race Across America 2010, Chapter 13

I woke up and we were in the rolling hills of Indiana! doc2doc has just passed the RV as I got out, so I knew we were within about 15 minutes of them...Willie and Kent kept pace with them through the night! I started racing as Willie pulled in, and was quickly stopped at a construction zone for a couple minutes (FWIW, a couple minutes when you are racing feels like an eternity!). I continue to climb about 500 feet as the rollers stair-step up over the next 6.4 miles. My wattage is low, as it usually is on my first morning pull, but I know things will pick up.

I take over again in Solsberry, and my watts are back up to 200w on the first climb, and then about 175w for the rest of the 6.7 mile pull. With the rollers, I am only averaging 16.9mph, but I am enjoying the rural area.

The next stretch takes me 9 miles onto Hwy 46 into Bloomington at about 19mph. The road sucked and there was a lot of traffic due to some bottle-necking where the lanes merged down to only one each way. The control was at a shopping center where students from the local university were giving away water in glass bottles and t shirts to promote glass recycling. I asked who had my bottle before me...nobody laughed...I'm used to that...

I remember the next pull out on the highway...Bill Cook was interviewing me. We saw JV pulling in and I suggested he video a 30mph rolling exchange. I hope it makes it to the video he is putting together!

My final pull took me into the outskirts of Columbus, IN. Got stopped at another construction zone...frustrating. 9 miles at 19mph. After JV took over, my van crew needed to stop for a pit stop. Unfortunately, with all of the traffic through Columbus, we barely made it to the RV ahead of JV...another bumbled exchange...

Bloomfield, IN

More rollers through IN

Free T-Shirts in Bloomington!

More rollers

I didn't know there was a Nashville, IN!

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