Monday, September 13, 2010

Race Across America 2010, Chapter 10

Remember my comments before about contrasts? Well, here we go again! I spent the last 24 hours racing through corn fields and flat to descending, straight roads. When I woke up, I was on top of a hill in this lush, beautiful county somewhere in MO! The humidity had increased significantly since yesterday, but it was still relatively cool and comfortable (it is 8am race time, 7am local time).

JV and I continue moving down the road, but the 30mph rolling hand-offs are a bit more difficult in this rolling terrain. For the most part, the rollers are just steep and long enough that you can't just roll over them, again and again. This actually requires a bit of work to hoof it over the top of each roller, and then I keep pedaling over the top until I am spun out in the descent.

We passed through a variety of small communities, including El Dorado, Collins, Wheatland, Hermitage, and others. I recall stopping for gas, getting a donut at a mini-mart (that was a real treat!). I also remember some other radio users getting pretty upset at us using "their" radio frequency. Their choice of words were quite colorful!

I also recall one set of real "rollers" outside of Macks Creek that were a blast. These were just high enough that with some effort, I could roll over the top of each of them and then bomb down the other side! Weeee!

Finally, it was during this stage that we passed Amy Xu, women's solo racer. She ended up DNFing at the Mississippi.


More Missouri

Rollers through Missouri

More rollers

Macks Creek

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