Friday, February 08, 2013

Carbon 406 rims are in stock!

We have some beautiful new rims in stock!  The 50mm deep 406 carbon fiber rims weigh in at 306g each - lighter than most 406 aluminum rims!  They are 26mm wide for a comfortable rim.  We currently have 28h and 32h hole in stock, but can also get other drillings.

Pictured above are two wheels we just built for a customer.  The One of the left will be going on the front of an Optima Baron, and features a Chris King disk hub in black, DT Swiss Champion spokes in black with silver brass nipples, and our 50mm carbon fiber rim.  Beautiful!

The second wheel features a Chris King R45 hub with radially laced DT Swiss Champion spokes.  We went for some alloy red nipples for a bit of bling.  What do you think?  We will be building a matching rear wheel with an 88mm deep rim, matching hubs, and black Sapim CX Ray spokes.  The pair will be going on a Catrike Musashi.

Let us know what customer wheels we can build for you!


Paul Riggs said...

Those are amazing..... Out of interest what is the ball park costs for a 2011 ICE Vortex FS (disc brakes) for a complete set of 3 wheels......?

Wobbly said...

Some idea of the price would be handy :-)

Mordaz said...

Hey Dana, do you have these in 451 mm?

benthead said...

Hi Paul,

The rims are $259 each. The challenge with the ICE trikes is that they use a 36h hub. With such a deep rim profile, building a 36h wheel becomes rather difficult. Instead, we can build it 24h, skipping a hole between each set of spokes. A wheel build is $50 onto your hubs, and spokes/nipples range from $1.50 to $4.50 each.

I hope that helps!

benthead said...

Hi Mordaz,

We do not have 451 rims in a 50mm depth in stock, but can get them. The price will be a few dollars more than the 406 rims - I would guess $289 each. Then, it is just a matter of what hubs and spokes you want.

Give us a call and we can get an order moving.


Rastislav Durica said...

Hi Dana,

would zou make me an offer for following:
front: carbon 406 rim 50mm, 28 holes, Chris King R45 red, DT Swiss Aerolite red, alloy red nipples
rear: carbon 406 rim 50mm, 32 holes, Rohloff 500/4 TS red, DT Swiss Aerolite red, alloy red nipples



Rastislav Durica said...

Rohloff 500/14 to be correct

Paul Lam said...

you can put a 406 wheel on a musashi?

Joshua Tan said...

Do you guys have a 406 wheel with white industry hub? What would that cost?

benthead said...

Hi Joshua,

We have rims in stock and can certainly order White Industry hubs. The price of the complete wheel depends on which hub model and spokes you prefer. Give us a call or email and we can discuss.

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