Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Azub T-tris Trike is here!

We first had a chance to see the Azub trikes back in October, prior to the Recumbent Cycle Con. Needless to say, we were very impressed with the Tri-Con we were shown. It rode like a dream with rear suspension and fantastic geometry, and it folded into a tiny package for transportation.

Enter the T-tris. With the same great geometry, minus the suspension and tiny folding option (although it still folds), it should provide a fantastic ride without the $4k+ pricetag. It has delivered. Check out the pictures below and configure your own T-tris trike on our website:

The timeless FSA Gosammer crankset provides great shifting and is lightweight.

We pair the SRAM X9 10s rear derailleur with the PG1070 11-32 cassette for great shifting in the rear.

Red anodized quick release levers through out provide a little bit of extra bling!

Shown here with the complete rack system that can accomodate two sets of small panniers.

Here you can see it with just the rear rack. You can also mount the lowrider rack separately.

The sliding seat clamp and sliding boom give infinite adjustment, and this trike should fit just about anyone. Notice the notched angle adjustment system? This provides precise adjustment that is also very sturdy.

The steering system is also adjustable with a notched system that ensures no slippage.

We shod this trike with Marathon Supreme tires, but the ZR comes stock with Marathon Racers that provide the same flat protection.


firefolks said...

Argh...I want one of these...my head keep going round between TriCon, T-Tris and ICE Sprint...

Does T-tris have QR for all 3 wheels? How much smaller is TriCon ultra-folded vs T-Tris folded with wheels removed?

benthead said...

Today we are building up a Tri-Con, and I will try to get some measurements for you.