Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now is the time to get into training and doing events with a power meter!! Powertaps on sale big time!!

I have been using power as a training and racing metric now for over 5 years. I think I was an advocate of it by the 3rd ride. Powermeters have been getting more widely used in both the pro peloton (a group very resistant to new ideas and added weight) and the Ultra Riding and Randonneuring communities.  Prices have been going down and the number of choices have been going up over the years too. Saris (CycleOps), makers of the ubiquious PowerTap hub, has announced a tremendous sale.

SL+ Wheelset MSRP is 1749, now on sale for 1249! Joule 2.0 computer extra.
SL+ Full Kit MSRP is 1599, now on sale for 1049!
SL+ Hub MSRP is 1349, now on sale for 899!

Pro+ Wheelset MSRP is 1349, now on sale for 999! Joule 2.0 computer extra.
Pro+ Full Kit MSRP is 1199, now on sale for 849!
Pro+ Hub MSRP is 949, now on sale for 699!

Both these units are wireless and ANT+ compatible, menaing they will work with several Garmin, and other, computers as well.If you want to convert a current wheel, the labor is $60 and spokes are $1 for straight 2.0mm DT.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions about these discounts, or power training in general.

JV (El Jimador)

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Eric F. said...

Those are some great prices JV. As a new bent rider, the PowerTap has not only helped me train, but keeps me from getting in trouble on the long climbs. I know that if I keep within my range, I will be able to finish the climb. When I ignored the PowerTap on Chevy Chase I quickly exceeded my maximum heart rate, had to stop, and then figure a way to start out going uphill, not easy for a newbie.
P.S. The Bacchetta Corsa 700c is great! I'm getting stronger on the climbs, and killing my df friends on the flats and rollers.