Sunday, June 12, 2011

A recumbent team to follow on 2011 RAAM!

4-man Team Strategic Global Advisors!! 

They have a few more challenges to overcome to get to the start, and then to the finish. However, one of the riders has addressed his personal challenge with a CA2.0 ZR (SRAM X-9 10s)! We've got to get it ready for him by Wednesday, but its going with him. His intention is to ride the DF for out of the saddle climbs, but he is not the team climber, so..........    
  • Yes, so far he has less than 10 miles on bent. That ain't gonna change much before RAAM. Of course I told him the story of a randonneur we know who's first ever bent ride was a 200Km! was his second!!
  • He is the only customer with zero bent experience I have ever just left out back to figure out how to ride it. "It" was a 700c Corsa. He was on his tip toes while reclined. He's a very quick learner.
  • Yes, this puts his team in the Open Category.
  • Just realized I have no clue what their rack plan is.
  • Better think about what else he might need (seat pad straps, light mounts, reflecto tape.....) I'll put a bunch of the stealth reflecto tape we have on the black surfaces.
  • He's gonna run his Zipp 606 Tubular Wheelset on it.
Anyway, we've got a team in RAAM!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

Yo Dana and all....

Could you update this with the rider's name to follow.

JV said...

Hey Joe,
Its Gary Baierl, 5 time 508 finisher and hall of fame member.