Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Best Nutritional Article I've Read In Awhile

We get the Hammer Nutrition magazine every quarter or so. It's generally crammed with lots of good information about ultra-event nutrition, training, and even some good stories. The most recent issue had a great article on sugar consumption. At least I didn't drink 35.5 gallons of soda this year! Check it out!

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Robert said...

The nutrition article is interesting, but fails to discuss one of the main reasons there is so much sugar in commercial foods. Why is there sugar in a food when it doesn't taste sweet? The reason is that the commercial food contains so much salt to lengthen shelf life. As many cooks know, the way to cover the taste of salt is to add sugar. The taste of sugar will cancel out much of the taste of salt. I remember once when I was in college I watched my mother making a molasses bean casserole. I watched in horror as she poured what to me seemed to be an endless stream of salt into the pot. But it did not taste salty, simply be because of the molasses that was there as well. I learned then that sugar covers salt and I admit that I have corrected seasoning errors on the stove many times using that trick. Simply put, if it weren't for the sugar in all of those commercial foods, we would find those foods to be inedible salt licks.