Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Offerings from Bacchetta!

We've just received the newest offerings from Bacchetta. I will take the next few posts to highlight these beautiful bikes!

The Giro 26 ATT is an aluminum-framed version of their classic Giro 26. Featuring higher end components including a SRAM X-9 drivetrain and Avid BB7 disk brakes, this bike has a smooth, comfortable ride and weighs two pounds less than it's steel predecessor.

Bacchetta has really discovered a good formula for their bike lines. Most models are now available in two specs - a steel frame with basic components and an aluminum frame with higher end components. This system makes it very easy for the customer to differentiate between the various models and levels.

So, how does it ride? Like a Bacchetta, of course! It is stable with predictable low speed handling. The disk brakes will take some time to fully seat, so I couldn't test the braking capabilities, but I have always been impressed with the BB7, and expect it will work well on this bike.

Three years ago, I touted that the best thing I saw at Interbike was the Euromesh seat. I still feel the same way - it is comfortable and breaths well, without being too heavy. Our medium-framed bike, sans pedals and seat pad, weighed in at 28 pounds, 14 ounces. Definitely not the 26.5 pounds claimed on the Bacchetta website, but definitely lighter than the steel bike.

For a complete list of specs and pricing, give us a call or check out our website


Duncan Watson said...

I love the Giro 26 ATT in concept. If it had been available when I bought my Corsa I would be riding the Giro 26 ATT. It is a very nice setup for a Brevet bike.

BTW - I love your new blog. I set my RSS reader to keep track of posts here.
Duncan said...

Looking forward to your blog posts. The bike looks great. I know someone who just bought one, and someone else who has the smaller wheel up front. They are both great bikes. I currently only have a trike but have been tempted to get a two wheeler too!


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